Digital Programs


The digital programs are short, affordable, and practical designed for busy professionals who want to be proactive, teach and coach themselves how to navigate and thrive in the remote/hybrid working contexts. My goal is to work on the specific niche topics as listed below and notify those who wish, as soon as they are available.

Alternatively if you need live support, book a time with me:

You can book a time with me for a 30 min virtual Q&A session where you come with 1-2 specific questions.

Or book a 1 hour coaching session on any topic you want to explore, clarify and move towards a coaching goal and actions.

Program Description


“…Connect-Presentations took my skills to an entirely new level. The program’s focus on emotional intelligence and adaptability helped me engage my audience like never before!”
-Alex, Senior Marketing Strategist

Presenting remotely offers unprecedented opportunities because you can build in the flexibility necessary to interact & respond with emotional intelligence to your live audience’s needs.

“I did not think it was possible, and yet Connect-presentations helped me build a strong connection with my remote audience, turning ordinary presentations into truly interactive experiences…” -Samantha, Sales Director


Module 1: Define with clarity and empathy

For each section of your storyline, you can prepare to empathize with the dominant state of mind of your future audience.

You will learn to:
Break the vicious circle of last-minute preparation
Connect to your motivation & your audience’s needs
Create powerful content and slides with a clear storyline
Improve the clarity and impact of your presentation

Module 2:  Design for flexibility with simplicity

Designing a flexi-structure with built-in options, enables you to be in flow and go with what is needed in the moment.

You will learn to:
Envisage and prepare for different scenarios of receptivity
Produce a powerful support and learn to mix multiple platforms
Design a flexi-map to manage your adaptability and interactions

Module 3: Deliver with interaction & emotional intelligence

When you dare to embrace the tools for virtual interaction, you can respond with heartfelt presence to your live audience’s needs.

You will learn to:
Overcome stage fright and speak with confidence
Connect and interact with your audience to understand their current   expectations
Learn to deal, there and then, with unexpected audience’ needs
Feel authentic and natural even in a remote / hybrid environment

Minimize misunderstandings at work

“RCM is a game-changer… This tool is indispensable for anyone working remotely.”
-Ryan, Marketing Coordinator

“…It’s a quick, mindful process that has become second nature, and I know I have avoided waste of time, frustrations and missed information by picking the best communication channels every time!” -Maria, Project Manager


Be able to swiftly select the most effective digital channel for your next communication / interaction.

With the RCM tool, you will learn to master the delicate balancing act between synchronous and asynchronous
remote communication.

You will learn to:

    • Build the reflex of asking the 6 preliminary questions before any remote communication
    • Enhance clarity, simplicity minimizing risks of misinterpretation or confusion
    • Strengthen your emotional intelligence and sense of timing for digital communications
    • Greater observation and listening quality

Presentation EXPRESS

“…Adapting and delivering the right amount of information to each prospect makes the whole difference…” -Jason, Sales Representative
“…Now, I can tailor my content to the audience’s needs on the go, especially when presenting to the board. ‘Presentation EXPRESS’ is a time-saver and a confidence booster.” -Sarah, Financial Analyst


Giving my audience what they want when they need it

This program guides you to build a short and clear driving thread of
your recommendation(s) to enable strategic decision making.

You will learn to:

    • Strengthened capacity to create a powerful storyline of messages
    • Increased aptitude to design visuals with clarity and simplicity
    • Ingrained reflex to cure the text-overload syndrome
    • Ability to build and deliver the presentation as a structured
      conversation with a clear recommendation
    • Reinforced skill to engage each audience (virtually, in person or in
      the hybrid context)

In person Engaging-Presentations (Level 1):
Building the confidence to
own the stage and engage my audience.

“This program is a must for anyone who wants to excel in in-person presentations…”
-Thomas, Corporate Trainer

“…I now feel confident owning the stage and engaging my audience, whether it’s a small team meeting or a large conference. Highly recommended!”
-Lisa, Marketing Manager


How do I strengthen my confidence to speak with impact and engage small and large audiences?

This program guides you to develop your stage presence and feel at ease when presenting in person, or in a hybrid context.

You will learn to:

    • Clarity about the desired outcome for the presentation
    • A powerful storyline, (a clear, authentic, and consistent thread of messages) and reinforced storytelling ability
    • Improved ease and confidence when speaking with small and large audiences
    • Greater engagement and communication impact

Last minute presentation:
Whipping up and rehearsing a thoughtful
and impactful presentation under pressure.
(For in person or remote delivery)

“…Last minute presentation has been a lifesaver, ensuring I never overlook vital elements and still engage my audience.” -Marco, Operations Manager
“…This program's quick and effective approach allowed me to create impactful presentations, even in time crunches!” -Michelle, Marketing Coordinator


How do I ensure that no key aspect is overlooked and have maximum impact?

This program is for speakers who are under time pressure and still want to build a powerful storyline of messages to engage their audience.

You will learn to:

    • Clarity about the desired outcome for the presentation
    • A powerful storyline, (a clear, authentic, and consistent thread of messages) and reinforced storytelling ability
    • Greater audience engagement and communication impact both in person and in the remote context

Programs Coming Soon

Building trust at distance and establishing digital closeness

Central Question:

How do I build and maintain trust while creating a sense of connectedness with my remote/hybrid colleagues?

Preparing & facilitating effective remote / hybrid meetings

Central Question:

How do I organize & facilitate virtual meetings to make them interactive, engaging and still effective?

Manage & support your remote/ hybrid team to thrive together

Central Question:

How do I/we build and sustain team spirit with my/our remote/hybrid team?



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