What is coaching?

Put simply, coaching conversations focus on the ‘here and now’ and the going forward rather than on the distant past. The coaching process supports us to learn from ourselves rather than be taught. It helps us to tap into our Resourceful Self because it believes in our full potential.

The coach’s mindset is that everyone has the answers within them to their own challenges. Therefore, as a coach, I am not positioning myself as a subject matter expert. Instead with my client we focus on clarifying a goal or a desired state, identifying blind spots or obstacles and then unlocking their own potential to achieve what really matters to them.

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What people are saying about Dorotea...

A few testimonials

“I found Dorotea’s coaching style insightful and very effective. She successfully created a space, which was conducive for clarifying my thinking and my strategic decision-making.” (CEO, global technical services, airline industry)

“Dorotea is inspirational, yet very much with her both feet in the soil, helping others to achieve their goals in being the best they can be. If you are looking for a true coach, you just found her.” (Entrepreneur, head of a fast-moving start-up)

“Dorotea is kind and generous. She works with her heart and helps you unlock your authenticity and impact. Working with her will give you the autonomy you need to become a resourceful leader activating and channelling the synergy of different teams through the ups and downs.” (Marketing Regional Manager, Pharmaceutical & Biotech)

How many coaching sessions will I need? 

One to five one-hour sessions will already bring you a long way forward

The solution focused approach is short-term goal oriented. In one to two sessions, we should be able to clarify together your coaching goal. Once you fully own your coaching goal, you can either coach yourself, using specific solution focused coaching tools that I will share with you, or continue the journey with me for another 2-3 sessions. Book your coaching sessions here.

Let's start exploring through coaching dialogue