(Dorotea talks about Coaching. Video Length: 01:45mins)

What is coaching and how can it help to help yourself?

Coaching enables you to clarify what really matters to you and what you really want, so that with an aligned mind and heart, you can then set a coaching goal and work towards it.

If you don’t have a clear challenge yet, don’t worry because some of us need to start by understanding what we don’t want before we can define and determine what we want to make happen. Live coaching sessions provide a safe, confidential, conversational space in which to explore, test, stumble, clarify, decide, and persevere… 

My coaching experience

I am an ICF certified professional Coach (PCC) with over 18 years of experience. (ICF stands for International Coach Federation and PCC for Professional Certified Coach). Trained as a solution focused Coach and practitioner in Neuro linguistic programming, I gently challenge and support my clients to grow a solution focused mindset and behaviour to bring out the best in themselves and others, acknowledging strengths and progresses. Constraints and challenges become opportunities for inventiveness, creativity, and self-renewal.

My coaching philosophy

Having personally experienced and witnessed that the intelligence of our mind is greatly enriched and enhanced by the intelligence of our heart and of our body, my coaching approach is built on this inner consistency. As a coach I create the space for my clients to strengthen the agility of their mind and heart, so that to move forward, they can articulate into action their Resourceful Self, while celebrating all that is there already. 

About solution focused coaching 

Rather than focusing on the problem and the analysis of its consequences, the solution-focused approach concentrates on helping us move towards the future that we want and to learn what can be done differently by using our existing skills, strategies and ideas.

About neuro linguistic programming (NLP) 

Neuro-linguistic programming relates thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior learned through experience to specific outcomes. When used in the coaching context, it encourages us to identify and analyse successful strategies/ behaviours in some areas of our professional and personal life to then apply them to reach our current coaching goal.